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A satirical site based on Ms Ravlich's (West Australian State MP and Education Minister) who remarked that students need not learn history at school because they can just use Google instead! Apparently in a phone conversation a reporter asked her for year the first fleet arrived, to which Ms Ravlich hung up. We can only guess that Ms Ravlich required a dial-up connection so she could Google the answer! By the way it was 1788!

Friday, September 15, 2006

History of the Eureka Stockade

Lesson #1 - History of Eureka Stockade
Hi Kiddies,

In today's history lesson I would like to tell you all about a great time in Early colonial Australia. This is the story of Eureka Stockade.

As you all know, this great land was settled by Europeans in 1724 (or was it 1890?) and we soon discovered how dry and parched the land really was. A popular past time back then was avoiding cholera epidemics and that newfangled typhus stuff - this has nothing to do with history so I'm not quite up on it.

Anyway, the new Aussies were good at farming and cows and stuff, and had plenty of stock - they didn't mind drinking the crappy water so they acted as good moo-filters as it were.

At the same time, the poms realised that there were no lemon trees down under so they could not partake in their favourite drink - lemonade.

Then, one day, a Greek bloke who liked playing with boats in his bathtub had a moment of total clarity and shouted "Eureka... I've got it!". Instead of using lemons, why not use some of the stock! And Eureka stockade was invented. Unfortunately however, it proved too hard to squeeze a cow, so the invention didn't become widely accepted.

Anyway Kiddies, so now you know all about this amazing time in Australia's history!

Ljijanna Ravich - Google Guru

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